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New Song out Friday August 2nd! 
Pre-save link below :) 

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About the Artist

Surviving years of toxic relationships, addiction, abuse and mental health struggles is enough to force one into refuge. Fortunately for Doc Fischbach, he found solace among the scenic mountains near Denver, Colorado, but also in the pursuit of making music. Doc’s relationship with nature sits parallel to his love of music, with both of these outlets being places where he can discover unblemished happiness. Upon some soul searching and personal discovery, he eventually found his voice and subsequently his life’s purpose. Dubbing his songs as “self-help” music, Doc seeks to offer a voice to the voiceless. Through his captivating brand of Pop, he sets off to offer the notion that perfection lies in our imperfections. Notably, Doc Fischbach does not use gendered pronouns in his music. As a gay man, he knows too well how it feels to be marginalized and would never wish for any of his fans to feel excluded. His lifelong relationship with ADHD and mental health, alongside his past troubles have made Doc feel invisible at times. However, with music making him feel more seen than ever, he is now on a mission to let anyone else that is struggling know that there is still light even in the bleakest of times. Doc Fischbach has since amassed a large back catalogue of unreleased original material, as well as a handful of singles he has self-released in 2020 and 2021. Fans can expect more of Doc’s emotionally-charged music to arrive next year, with his next release forthcoming August 2nd 2024.

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